Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comments from People on Kashmir Issue

Be careful Mr. Prime Minister. Kashmir valley is already getting more than it deserves. Article 370 is grossly being used to blackmail the center Governments. Separatists do whatever they feel like , shouting anti national slogans, burning national flag etc. and no body takes action. Any further bowing can cause irritation in the minds of people of southern and north eastern states which do not like north Indians dominance. 

Why do we not hear any Hindu names in the whole reporting? Kashmiris are only Muslims? A majority Hindu State transformed into a Terrorist Haven in the name of Democracy? None of the Kashmiri politicians can be believed as long as they do not talk of Hindus that were driven out by the so called terrorists.

Unfortunately there is nothing more that can be delivered to people in the valley. Now that they have driven out the Pandits and there is no pluralism in the valley, they can really shout from the rooftops and have people believe them. The Indian state should not give them any special priviliges and should abrogate Article 370 to ensure that Pandits can go back and multiculturalism can be fostered again.

Regarding madam Mehbooba's approach to the problem and how India stood behind the family! - (WIKIPEDIA) 

In 1989, within few days of taking office as the Union Minister for Home Affairs - Shri Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, his third daughter Rubaiya was kidnapped by terrorists. She was released in exchange for the release of five militants. This started a trend later resulting in the release of more terrorists in exchange for hostages . 

Believe it or not ! 

And Kandhar hostage taking is all that is harped upon . So please stop politicking and start finding solutions G O I . We are fed up as citizens. Kashmir is part of India -please open it for the rest of the country - the same way as the rest of India is open to the Kashmiris ! Kashmiris are like others - not special people !

The Kashmiri muslims who threatened their Hindu neighbors and took away their land are animals. I know far too many victims of these bigots. 

Instead of getting stuck in a vengeful rhetoric, most have rebuilt their lives. The Kashmiri muslims suffer because the one party that could have a calming influence in the valley were mercilessly hunted down. 

Today, even if there is a sensible muslim Kashmiri in the valley, he cannot speak his mind against the mad mullahs. 

Of course, speaking against India does not get you killed and may actually earn a handsome income if coupled with stone throwing. Shame on these zoomans.

No mercy should be shown to these terrorists. If they want freedom, they are free to go to Pakistan. Who is stopping them? The land belongs to India.

Kashmir has been a part of India for thousands of years. Our rishis went to Kashmir to do tapasya. Lord Hanuman, it is said, is still around in the mountains of Kashmir.

It is only in the last few hundred years that Kashmir became a muslim majority, and it is only over the last 2 decades that hindu population became null in Kashmir - thanks to atrocities on hindus by the Kashmiri muslims.

If India withdraw from Kashmir, it will be a huge defeat from India, and eventually the beginning of the end of India.

Why should India give up Kashmir ? Can India be defeated militarily in Kashmir ? I dont think so. Casualty rate aming Indian Army is very low - just 45 soldiers killed this year. 6000 Indian soldiers have died in Kashmir since 1989. In comparison, 70,000 Indians are born every day.

India is not likely to run out of soldiers any time soon. India cannot be defeated at all. Indian Army needs our support. Lets not be cowards and quitters and think of giving up Kashmir. Let us fight - fight for what its worth. For its our nation's future - and ultimately our own individual future at stake.

My message to Kashmiri separatists : Kashmir belongs to India and will always belong to India. What the f.... are you gonna do about it ?

Don't blame the Muslims or Pakistan for what is happening in Kashmir. 
It is STRICTLY the fault of the Hindus. Totally. 
THEY elected, time after time, gutless whining governments in India that lacked the simple common sense to make Kashmir part of India in every sense: so that non-Kashmiri Indians could settle there as freely as Kasmiris settle elsewhere in India. 
It was that insane, suicidal exclusion of non-Kashmiris from Kashmir which allowed the Kashmir Valley to become the hotbed of Muslim separatism. 
Had Nehru simply made Kashmir one more Indian state, the Muslims would by now have been a minority. They themselves are utterly ruthless in ethnic cleansing, driving out the Pandits almost to a man. 
The Hindus are also guilty in that since the Pak-directed jihadis started raising hell in Kashmir in the 1980s, not once have governments elected by HINDUS had the guts to make Pakistan pay a price for its criminal aggression. So Pakistan has every right to assume attacking India by dispatching jehadis is a cost-free game. 
...............Hindus have to pay for blindness and gutlessness.

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